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SHS64 Reunion '06



SheilaTaylorAtchley, SkipLancaster and SandyHenderson are deep in a discussion about, what?  Well, obviously there was a lot to talk about -- like it's been forty-two years since some of us have laid eyes on each other. 

Forty-two years.  Ponder that for a second.  Alexander conquered the known world by the time he was thirty-three.  Geologically speaking, though, forty-two years is as nothing. 

Feel better? 



The Gilliams.  KarenPillsburg and husband BobGilliam.  They're regulars at our reunions and it's always good seeing them. Both graduated with us. 

In the background is BlllMcAninch.  Looks like he's spiking the punch, but we didn't have punch. 

Still, sure looks like he's spiking the punch.



AmarylisSmithAlmond and BillyLoyless.  Both are life members of the reunion committee.  They were there when it mattered and kept the faith and also kept showing up, which was good.