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SHS64 Reunion '06



Skip -- or Skipper to those of us who knew him way back when -- was our DJ for the evening.  The dude's got a formidable selection of music from the '50s and '60s. 

When he was in high school, you may remember young Skip was an exceptional athlete .  Were you and he in high school today and doing what each of you did then, you might justify your own sorry performance by saying, "Well, at least I didn't take 'roids."   But as you well remember, they didn't have steroids back in the good old days.  Skip and BillMcAninch made most of the rest of us look bad through natural ability and solid work ethics. 

Yeah, whatever.



The place is starting to fill up.  For an off-year reunion, we had a good turnout.

Pictured above, from L to R:  LindaPrinceAmick, TedKingery, MikeMahaffey, GeraldineStanleyMahaffey, SandyHendersonWillis, KarenPillsburgGilliam and BobGilliam, HMorganRogers (in red shirt), MarthaAndersonTinsley (back to camera, wearing white), PaulChilders, MikeMabrey, DougTinsley, and JudyBrockMabrey.



The chow line. 

When passing through the chow line, you had to be quick, lest you got poked, prodded, jabbed or stabbed by the person behind.  Just kidding.  One couldn't help but notice how civilized (and serious) everyone was as they passed through the line. 

L to R above:  DelBennettBrown, MargaretRamseyAnderson, BettyJoTateHarris, LindaPrinceAmick, TedKingery, AmarylisSAlmond.