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SHS64 Reunion '06



Still daylight, and already we're deep into our cups of tea. 

Two new faces at the table in front: DianeWest and SteveWest.  Steve and Diane live near Atlanta, which is like Greenville, only bigger.



Henry serves as master-of-ceremonies at our reunions, and does a credible job.  One has an idea we'll be seeing a lot more of Skip.  Hope so.


This is the official cake. 

If you happened to have broken out the cake and cookies wherever you were that evening in order to celebrate the class's birthday, sorry, but your cake wasn't official.  As Penny, the Holly Hunter character in O' Brother, Where Art Thou might have said, your cake wasn't bona fide.  Ours was.  Our cake was bona fide.

The writing on the cake reads, Happy 60th Birthday, SHS Class of '64.  Also adorning the cake are balloons depicted in black and red icing, black and red being our school colors until 1972 or '73. 

Just this once, your webguy was able to have his cake and eat it, too, that being his fingers and fork pictured above.