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SHS64 Reunion '06



We had two Sandys that evening.  Pictured above is the second of the Sandys to arrive, SandyHendersonWillis.  She's on the left, LindaPrinceAmick, one of our committee members, is on the right.



From L to R, BillyGarrett, Henry and MikeMabrey. 

Mike went to SHS, but he was not of our class.  Not saying he isn't a classy guy, he simply wasn't a member of our class.  Almost, though.  He married the former JudyBrock, who was our classmate. 

BillyG was a career Navy doctor, now retired.


You can tell it's still early because of the sunlight flooding through the window.  Well, maybe not flooding through, since there was a heavy cloud cover that day. 

Anyhoo, KayeBridgesBoyter is standing there talking to someone -- reckon that's JudyBrock?  Seated at the table are MargaretRamsey, Barbara CookseyPainter, SandyAlversonCamby and DonCamby.

We're going to have to give a little credit here early on, Geraldine previewed this site and sent a list of the names of everyone in every photograph.  That took a bite out of her morning.