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SHS64 Reunion '06



Another establishing shot.  You see these ladies together, think reunion.  SandyAlversonCamby, who acts as the committee's reporting secretary, is on the left, GeraldineStanleyMahaffey, the committee's treasurer, is on the right.  This doesn't mean Geraldine is always right, but it sure seems like it sometimes. 

The gentleman standing in the shadows is PaulMChilders.  Me.  And that's not a diaper bag I'm holding, it's a camera bag.

The poster leaning against  the window behind us says, Go Tide.  Happy 60th Birthday, Class of '64

 That's us, the Class of 1964.  As a group, we're 60 years old this year. 


But wait, 60 is actually the new 40.  I read it somewhere online, so you know it must be true.



Though it's early yet, a number of partygoers have trickled in.  Several of these early arrivals brought snacks and finger foods, which the others of us dived into when no one was looking.  You're only young once, right? 



Carol and Matt Luca.  Matt met Carol when they were both going to Tulane, and they've been best friends and married -- to each other -- ever since.  In contemporary parlance, they're an item