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SHS64 Reunion '06



This is a pretty good place to party, all things considered.  Clean, well maintained, and there's room enough to boogey, if that's one's inclination.  We were so inclined.

This pavilion, as you may know, is located way out at Rainbow Lake.  Except there's no lake anymore.  A victim of the times and budget constraints, it's been filled in by the powers-that-be.  Too bad, cos it was a good place to swim.  Might even have been the best place.



These pictures are called establishing shots.  Clues you in on the locale, and places it in your mind.  Here's what you don't see: Outside, even though it was the middle of August in upstate South Carolina, the ambient temperature was in the low to mid-70s.  No one laughed at the people who came wearing light jackets.



Think of the above as yet another establishing shot.  You see these two mugs together, you know there's a reunion going to happen.  It's been that way a long time. 


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