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The names, addresses, phone numbers and all other tidbits of information concerning Spartanburg's Class of '64, gathered by this website or by the class reunion committee, will be used for purposes of organizing and carrying out class reunions.  No information will be shared with any person or organization outside the class.  (Exceptions, made on a case-by-case basis, might include the spouse of a deceased classmate.)

If you choose not to be included on any list published on this website, or otherwise have your name posted on this site, please notify either a reunion contact or the webmaster.  There are many reasons people might not want their names appearing in public places, and we'll respect your wishes. 

If a third party, in good faith, believes a classmate would not want his or her name appearing on this site, and that classmate is not able or at liberty to state that this is the case, then we invite the third party to address his or her concern to a member of the reunion committee.

Should you prefer to have your name styled in another way, as for example, TommyD instead of Tommy Durham, we should be able to accommodate you. 

Should you have any questions or comments about this policy, email a reunion contact or the webmaster.


Answers to FAQs was created for the use of Spartanburg High School's Class of 1964.  This website is not affiliated with any business, charity, or governmental enterprise or entity. 

Opinions expressed are either those of the webmaster, or those members of the class who contribute under their bylines.

Contributors, under US and applicable international copyright law, retain all rights to their intellectual properties posted on this website. 

Should you have any question about these FAQs, email the webmaster.