Reunion 2014. The pictures below are but a small sample of the ones available to view on Dropbox. Contact Henry, he'll tell you how to access them.

This picture was taken after dinner. Some of us have changed quite a bit, some of us very little. Either way, we are the people you knew those many years ago.



At the beginning of the evening, each of us stopped by this welcome booth to get our name tags. Behind the counter are several of the usual reunion committee members. Those guys really put in the hours, getting all this together.



 Henry and friend. She's the lady who took these photos and those many you can find on Dropbox. Ask, Henry will tell you how to get there.


These are pictures of our classmates who've preceded us to that place where the woodbine twineth. They were not forgotten.


Why these two classmates at the conclusion of this short picture essay? Well, this is Lynn and Roland, our classmates, whose romance with each other began before we graduated. What better way to end than with them.